When news of a total solar eclipse breaks, the first thing folks usually start is where they're going to view it. I mean, sure, you can go out in the front yard and look up, but will you be getting the BEST view?

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

I'm not sure how word spread about the best place to view a solar eclipse BEFORE we all became connected via the Internet and social media, but today, we can almost pinpoint EXACTLY where to stand down to the millimeter. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but from what I've read about this extraordinary astronomical event, it's not much of one.

The Best Eclipse Viewing Will Be in Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois

Those of use in my neck of the woods--western Kentucky, southern Indiana, southeastern Illinois--are in the catbird seat this time around. While a good portion of the entire world will be able to see the eclipse, only those under the black strip in this NASA presentation will experience the TOTAL solar eclipse:

More Indiana Campgrounds Opening for Solar Eclipse Reservations

Because of this path, seven more campgrounds in southern Indiana have been added to the list of those taking reservations for the eclipse.

The final phase of campsite reservations on the Hoosier National Forest for the period of the 2024 total solar eclipse (March 29th through April 10th) is scheduled to begin Monday, February 5. Seven remaining campgrounds across the National Forest have been added to the reservation portal (www.recreation.gov) and will open for reservations including Blackwell, Hickory Ridge, Shirley Creek, Youngs Creek, Saddle Lake, Buzzard Roost and German Ridge. All developed campground campsites will be by reservation only from March 29th through April 10th, 2024 due to the high number of visitors to southern Indiana to view the eclipse.

As you may know, it isn't safe to look straight at a total solar eclipse. The National Park Service recommends eclipse glasses or a special handheld solar viewer.

So where will you be April 8th when we'll all be cast into darkness?

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