It might be a good idea to take this warning from the state of Illinois seriously especially if you see bats in the daytime. The Land of Lincoln is warning that bats have been discovered in many Illinois counties to have rabies.

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I saw this report shared by WQAD News 8 on YouTube that the Illinois Department of Public Health is warning to be on the lookout for bats with rabies as a total of 14 counties appear to be affected.

How can you tell if a bat has rabies?

Unlike the movie Cujo where you see an animal frothing at the mouth, that's not a sign of rabies. When it comes to bats, the Illinois Department of Public Health says that when you see a bat during the daytime, that's a sign it could have the disease as bats are normally nocturnal. A bat that appears unable to fly also could have rabies so don't approach one if you see this.

If you have a pet you fear has been in contact with a rabid bat, call your veterinarian. If you have had contact with a potentially rabid bat or any other animal, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Make sure to keep tabs on the bats with rabies in Illinois through the official state portal.

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