Leslie and I were talking this morning about a potential Velveeta cheese shortage that is being reported. This time of year is prime for Velveeta with the holidays wrapping up and the Super Bowl less than a month away. Oh my gosh, can you imagine a Super Bowl party without Velveeta? Oh, the humanity. I don't know about you, but Velveeta is the cornerstone for our Super Bowl fare in our house. I mean, what's the point of even watching the game if you DON'T have some kind of chili-cheese dip?

As of right now, the shortage is pretty much limited to the areas around Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York. Other retailers are reporting no problems with their supply. I was at a local grocery store yesterday and there was Velveeta a-plenty. A shortage of Velveeta just sounds kinda strange, doesn't it...I mean, who would have thought...Velveeta...seriously?

One report indicated Kraft under produced the iconic cheese product, but I'm not so sure. Like anything else that is in high demand either through necessity or just popularity, a shortage would create a much bigger demand forcing people to go out and stock up.

I certainly have not checked any Velveeta sales figures, but my guess is Velveeta will be flying off the shelves over the next week or so, especially with the Super Bowl lingering just around in the corner. Sounds like a savvy business move to me, but an actual shortage seems a little far fetched to me and I just can't quite get there.

Either way, I WILL be going out today to make sure we have plenty of Velveeta for my wife's various dip concoctions regardless of the reports, which in reality, is really what they want, right? You bet. How easy were Twinkies to find when they announced Hostess was going under? By the way, Twinkies are back....hmmmmm. Food for thought, so to speak. What do you think?