If you have ever been to an Evansville Icemen game at the Ford Center, you have seen the Kiss Cam, which has become a staple the last two years. It's hilarious to watch some of the reactions like the 'no way you're kissing me on camera', or the full on make out scene, which can be pretty gross, especially if one of them is in the middle of eating a hot dog or some nachos.

My favorite is when the camera people get cute and put the camera on two guys or two girls who try to hide their faces of course, but every so often one guy who has had one too many beers will attempt to kiss his buddy - or at least pretend to.

Well, check out what happened at a Houston Rockets game recently when the Kiss Cam 'kiss' didn't go according to plan. What's great is when the guy gives up and the girl next to him let's him know that she will kiss him. I question whether or not this was staged, but even it was, it's pretty stinkin' funny as you can see for yourself.