This Hoosier state road trip will take you to 16 places serving up delicious tenderloin sandwiches.

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The Tenderloin Sandwich

There are few things more "Hoosier" than a gigantic pork tenderloin sandwich. The sandwich is known throughout the state because of its popularity, but also because the pork tenderloin itself is often so big, that it makes the sandwich buns look comically small. An article from Eater highlights the popularity of the tenderloin sandwich, and even has this to say about Indiana's unofficial state sandwich:

The pork tenderloin sandwich is central to the state’s cultural identity. Some say it’s exactly like the people in Indiana: simple, not too showy, sometimes a little too big for its britches. Above all, it’s familiar and reliable — and to a displaced Hoosier (as I once was), it’s home.


The Indiana Tenderloin Trail

If Kentucky has a bourbon trail, it only makes sense that the Hoosier state would be home to a Tenderloin Trail.


According to Visit Indiana, the Indiana Tenderloin Trail is located just south of Indianapolis in Festival Country.

Festival Country is home to more than a dozen mouth-watering tenderloins. Visit them all to discover which Indiana classic is your favorite.

The Tenderloin Trail will take you to 16 different eateries all serving up their own version of the Hoosier classic.  This is one trip you may want to take over a few days because that's a whole lot of tenderloins to chow down on!

The Tenderloin Trail starts at The Willard in Franklin, Indiana, and ends in Whiteland.  You can check out all of the restaurants on the Tenderloin Trail and begin your Tenderloin Trail journey, here!

More Tenderloin Goodness

If that isn't enough tenderloin deliciousness for you, the trail mentioned above is just one of THREE separate tenderloin trails in the Hoosier state!  The Festival Country Tenderloin Trail is the closest to the Tri-State, but there are three different tenderloin trails in different Indiana regions.  A big thank you to Visit Indiana for sharing this with us!

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