Imagine if you were a state trooper and you put a weed eater in the trash, then later pulled a vehicle over, and saw your weed eater?  Well that actually happened! 

Indiana State Trooper Sargent Todd Ringle is a really great resource to follow on Twitter. For one he does an amazing job at keeping the Evansville area up to date on traffic issues, plus he also warns his followers of changes to traffic laws, and areas where they're having issues with traffic laws being obeyed.  Also he adds fun personal stories on his Twitter as well, but this one is classic!

He posted about how he recently tossed his no longer working weed eater in the trash, and the next morning it was already taken before the trash pick up, which was fine he didn't mind.  However later that day he pulled over a vehicle, and as he walked up he saw his weed eater in the bed of the truck he just pulled over! What are the odds?!

He said he got quite the laugh from it and asked the driver if he was able to fix the weed eater, and the driver said he had just checked a place and they said it'd be $90 to fix.  Oh and there's a happy ending, the driver got off with only a warning haha!


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