Recently one ISP officer has gone viral for his video where he talks about a standard safety feature on every car, that's severely underutilized (AKA the turn signal HA)! The comments also brought up that we should also have someone explain the "left lane law" to people, because it seems in town people are forgetting what the left lane is for. That's when Indiana State Police Officer Todd Ringle stepped in with this important information.


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Nothing is more frustrating than people incorrectly using the left lane! I can't tell you how many times I've been driving down the Lloyd passing someone, and then getting stuck in the left lane behind an even slower driver.  It's frustrating, and did you know riding in the left lane is illegal?

True story! Thanks to the left lane law!

Here's how the law works in the words of ISP Officer Todd Ringle, in his latest Facebook post:

Many motorists still don't understand our left lane law. Remember if you are getting passed on the right, you're not doing something right. Please remember the left lane is used to pass and to prepare for left turns.

haha! Right to the point!

Check out his post below

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