Will Indiana see snow on December 25th, making it a white Christmas?

A Magical Time of Year

With colorful decorations, beautiful trees, delicious foods, and decadent treats, Christmas is truly a magical time of year made only more magical by perhaps when we wake up to experience a blanket of snow on the whimsical holiday.

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Will It Snow on Christmas?

Looking ahead at the forecast, there does appear to be a chance of snow showers in the days leading up to Christmas but the big question is, will we wake on December 25, 2022, to see a blanket of snow covering the ground, gifting us with a white Christmas?

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A Few Flurries

As of right now, the Weather Channel is predicting temperatures above freezing in Evansville for the next week or so, with highs forecasted to reach up to 55 degrees on December 14th with the lows still above freezing. The following day, December 15th we'll see the lows begin to dip below freezing, giving us a chance for snow flurries on December 21st and 22nd. However, the daytime temperatures are not forecasted to drop below freezing, and once those snow flurries end on the 22nd, the highs over the next few days are expected to be in the mid-40s, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Even looking farther north to Indianapolis, the highs will still be above freezing for Christmas, according to the Weather Channel.

Need Snow?

If you have the overwhelming need to experience snow this holiday season, we suggest you check out Paoli Peaks in Orange County, Indiana. There are also several snowmobile trails across Indiana as well.

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