This is a unique way to create a lasting legacy with a piece of medical equipment once you no longer need it.

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A Viral Facebook Post

Recently a post went viral on Facebook that was shared by Indiana Bulldog Rescue (a great non-profit dedicated to helping English Bulldogs) the post claims that you can put in your will that you want your pacemaker donated to a dog after you pass away.  The post reads as follows:

Did you know:
If you have a pacemaker, you can put it in your Will to have your pacemaker donated to a dog in need after you pass. Pacemakers cannot be donated to another human, but they can be donated to dogs with cardiac issues who would depend on it to stay alive.
You can have the pacemaker brought to a vet of your choice. So many of those get thrown away and dogs die because people don't know they can do this. It even saves the dog's owner the cost of the actual pacemaker which sometimes means the difference in being able to afford lifesaving treatment or not.
This was confirmed to be true by a veterinary partner.


Of course, when I saw this I thought it was an incredible way to help a furry friend in need and a great way to utilize the battery life that could be left in your pacemaker. But is it true? Well, according to the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center, it is true!
Photo by Richard Brutyo on Unsplash
Photo by Richard Brutyo on Unsplash
Pacemaker donations help keep costs down for people whose loved furry family members may need a pacemaker.

Pacemaker donations help keep costs down for veterinary clients, and allow the donor to leave a healing legacy of life for someone’s canine companion.

If pacemaker donation sounds appealing to you, it's recommended that you discuss this with your family and have it in your will.  Funeral homes can help your loved ones coordinate the donation. USA Today wrote a great piece about different options you have for pacemaker donation, you can check out that article, here.

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