Summertime is almost upon us, and if you and the family plan on doing a lot of swimming, you should make sure that you don't buy any swimsuits in these colors.

It's that time of year again when stores are putting swimsuits on display. You'll see them in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles. You might be in the market for a new swimsuit. Perhaps you need a new one for yourself, or maybe your kids have outgrown the ones they had from last year. If you're going to be buying a new one this year, make sure that you don't buy one solely based on how "cute" it looks. You might actually want to buy specific colored swimsuits because they could make a big difference in the safety of yourself and your children. So consider this your annual reminder on swimsuit color safety.

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Swimsuit Colors Could Save Your Life

Last year, we wrote about how the color of your swimsuit should be the most important thing you consider when purchasing a new swimsuit.  Especially when it comes to your kids, who might not be able to swim as well. Certain colors are more visible underwater than others. This is very important, especially in a situation that none of us ever want to see happen...drowning. Knock on wood, you and your loved ones will remain safe and not fall victim to a growing situation. However, it's a better safe than sorry kind of thing here.

I have seen a few people share posts about this online, so I wanted to reshare with you a few infographics that Aquatic Safety Connection put together to show you which colors are more visible in lakes, dark-colored pools, and light-colored pools so you know what color of swimsuit your children should wear for their own safety. Make sure that you take a look at these carefully so you know which colors work best for different environments, and more importantly, which colors you should avoid wearing.

Swimsuits For Lakes/Open Water

We have several lakes and open waters here in Indiana which we all frequently visit to swim. Aquatic Safety Connection tested several colors of swimsuits on the surface (first-row images), second-row images were from shore-level perspective, and the third row is from a slightly elevated perspective - simulating standing on a boat/dock view.  Here's what they found:

So, the best colors of swimsuits for lakes, open water, and rivers would be bright and contrasting colors such as neon yellow, green, and orange. The worst colors for these swimming areas are dark colors such as black, grey, and even white.

Swimsuits For Dark-Colored Pool Bottoms

If you are going to a public pool or even your pool at home that has a dark pool bottom, Aquatic Safety Connection also tested colors for those as well. This may also be similar to a blue-colored lake or dark blue ocean environment.

As you can see, the best colors for visibility in pools with dark bottoms are also bright and contrasting colors such as neon yellow, green, and orange. You want to avoid dark colors or colors that match the pool bottom.

Swimsuits For Light-Colored Pool Bottoms

Lastly, Aquatic Safety Connection tested swimsuit colors on light-colored pool bottoms.

Once again, bright and contrasting colors showed up the best underwater. So with light-colored pools, you will want something like neon pink or orange. White and light blue were the worst colors, as they disappeared quickly underwater. It should be noted that while the darker-colored swimsuits did show up on a light pool bottom, they could be easily confused with a pile of leaves, dirt, or a shadow so I tend to stay away from those colors when possible.

The video above recently went viral proving that blue-colored swimsuits are not a good option, especially for kids. So, remember when you go shopping for swimsuits, bright and contrasting colors should be what you buy for you and your children, especially those who can't swim as well. Avoid colors that could easily blend in with the water or the bottom of the pool. The safety of you and your children should come first. Even if there's a "cuter" swimsuit that they really want, nothing is more important than their safety.

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