The pandemic tried to take Christmas away from us last year. Santa was not able to see kids and hear their requests in person. We know that some families will be able to visit with the big guy this year, but we have a failsafe to get messages to Santa, and it's called 'Santa's App'.

Your kids can record their own message for Santa (With an adult's help) telling him what they want for Christmas, asking him questions, just saying hi, or whatever they want. We will make sure St. Nick gets their messages and then he'll be responding to your kids on the radio weekday mornings. Just imagine how cool they will feel, and how jealous their friends will be when they hear Santa mention them by name on MY105.3 The Tri-State's Christmas Music Station.

Listen to Braxton's Example

Little Braxton is one of our favorite little guys. When you meet him, he is usually full of energy, but that's not always the case. If you follow his Facebook page Braxton's Journey, you'll see that he was in the hospital numerous times, before he was even three years old. Chiari Malformation type 1 is one of the conditions that Braxton was diagnosed with. We know he's a huge hockey fan, and now Santa knows what he wants for Christmas, thanks to Santa's App.

Sweet Braxton tells Santa how much he misses him. This is some serious cuteness overload. Enjoy!

Here's How Santa's App Works

To get your messages to Santa, you'll need to download the MY105.3 app.

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Get our free mobile app
  • Open the app
  • Tap the 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner
  • Fill out NAME (Parent) EMAIL and PHONE
  • In the DESCRIPTION tell us your child's name
  • Select and Submit Media Now
  • Record Short Audio Clip
  • Tap the red REC button to record your message to Santa
  • Messages have to be 1 minute or less
  • Hit DONE then SUBMIT

Never Have I Ever (Christmas Carol Edition)

If you've ever played the game NEVER HAVE I EVER with friends, then you know it's a good time! Basically, one person says 'Never Have I Ever' followed by something embarrassing or outrageous or even totally normal and everyone who has done it in the group has to take a drink. This morning, when we were looking at standard Christmas carols, we realized how many Christmasy things we've never done! So the Never Have I Ever Christmas game was born.

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The MY 105.3 team of elves is pretty excited to be the official station for the 2021 Santa Claus Land of Lights event. Here are some holly jolly tidbits about the family Christmas light adventure.

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