Remember when our imaginations were limitless? When we could be so far into pretending and our own thoughts that we actually believed what we were imagining was real? Our imaginations had no boundaries and we believed we could do anything.

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A day in the park

When in Owensboro, kids of all ages love to go to the park and feed peanuts to the squirrels. You go to the store and buy a cheap bag of dollar-shelled peanuts. The squirrels love the shelled ones.

My granddaughter can't wait to feed the squirrels when she comes to visit. She would rather just sit, like an old woman, and feed the squirrels than play with the other kids on the playground. The playground is crowded and noisy with screaming kids running around everywhere. She isn't a fan of this kind of chaotic situation. What can I say, she's an old soul.

Dr. Doolittle powers

Last year, when we took her to the park, she let me in a little secret. I discovered her self-proclaimed superpower of talking to animals. I didn't get a chance to video her explaining how she gains the squirrel's trust. It was so cute. But I did get her showing the process. I have to admit, the videos are totally adorable if I do say so myself.

Seriously, will humans ever be able to talk to animals?

Futurologist Ian Pearson recently predicted that by 2050 it will be possible to implant devices into our pets and other animals to give them the ability to speak to us.


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