Michigan's unique left-turn set up known as a "Michigan Left" has made its first appearance on Indiana roads.

East of Fort Wayne the intersection of US 30 and Indiana State Road 101 is now a "Michigan Left" with State Road 101 traffic needing to turn on to US 30. This graphic explains it better than I could:

The first Michigan Left was installed in the 1960s along 8 Mile Road (M-102) in Detroit and now more than 700 such intersections exist across the state. After being pioneered in Michigan, these unique intersections exist in parts of Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Utah.

The new Michigan Left in Indiana will be similar to the one shown above at Mayflower Road and US 12 near Niles where traffic on Mayflower can not cross US 12 but must make the right-then-left-then-right to continue going straight.


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