Now this is a final resting place that is fit for a king.

Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is the largest cemetery in the state of Indiana.  Many notable people have been laid to rest in Crown Hill Cemetery over the years.  According to Indiana.Gov Crown Hill is the only cemetery in Indiana that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

 founded in 1863, is the fourth largest cemetery in America. The history of Indiana and the United States is reflected in its monuments. President Benjamin Harrison, Vice-Presidents Charles Fairbanks, Thomas Hendricks, and Thomas Marshall, innovators Richard Gatling and Col. Eli Lilly, author Booth Tarkington and poet James Whitcomb Riley are among the many political, commercial, and literary leaders buried within its bounds. Crown Hill is the only cemetery in the state listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



Notable Names, Historic Graves, and Gorgeous Views

While you may not think of a cemetery as "scenic" Crown Hill certainly is scenic with stunning views, wildlife, and beautiful landmarks throughout the cemetery.  You can drive through the cemetery or take a walk and soak in some of the history while taking in gorgeous views of wildlife and the Indianapolis skyline.

It’s a home to several species of trees and a sanctuary to wildlife that runs throughout the grounds.  Crown Hill is a home for history, a resting place for loved ones and a cultural landmark. There are many natural and historical treasures to find within these sacred grounds.

While there is much to see in Crown Hill Cemetery, in fact, there are more than 225,000 people laid to rest in this cemetery, one new structure has the internet talking.

The Castle Mausoleum

When scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post about a mausoleum in Crown Hill Cemetery that looks fit for a king.  This mausoleum looks like a small castle plopped right down in the middle of a cemetery.


I've struggled to find much information on this particular structure, but after finding a TikTok from @WhittDocs I learned that this is a new structure built within the last year and is not currently a final resting place, but a future resting place.  I can only imagine the cost of this castle, as right on Crown Hill's website they note that building a private family mausoleum costs more than building a house. Either way, what a stunning and unique sight this castle mausoleum is!

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