Indiana Governor, Eric Holcolmb has announced that he, along with Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear will be working with the governors of several other midwestern states to coordinate the reopening of the economy. In a Facebook post, Holcomb said,

We are doing everything we can to protect the people of our states and slow the spread of #COVID19, and we are eager to work together to mitigate the economic crisis this virus has caused in our region. Here in the Midwest, we are bound by our commitment to our people and the community. We recognize that our economies are all reliant on each other, and we must work together to safely reopen them so hardworking people can get back to work and businesses can get back on their feet.

Indiana and Kentucky will be working alongside Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. Governor Holcolmb says the states will be, "working with experts and taking a fact-based, data-driven approach to reopening our economy in a way that protect families" from the spread of the coronavirus. He went on to say, "make decisions based on facts, science, and recommendations from experts in health care, business, labor, and education."

At this time there is no confirmed date to reopen the economy amid the Covid-19 pandemic. To read the entire statement from Governor Holcomb, see below. We will keep you updated on the latest Tristate Covid-19 news.




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