Often times when we suffer a death or loss, of a loved one or friend, we find comfort in the fact that our loved ones find a way to spend time with us. It makes us feel close to them even when we can't physically put our arms around them and give them a hug. Whether it's true or not, it's not an issue because it makes us feel better. And, that's all that matters.

I had a dream once that my mom was laying with me in bed. I turned my head, looked beside me, and there she was. She didn't say anything to me, she just looked at me, with her head on the pillow, and smiled at me. As I liked at her sweet face and gentle eyes, I remember feeling an incredible sense of peace. Now, when I think about that moment, I get tears in my eyes. Even though, at the time I felt so happy, I just wish that the dream would have lasted just a little bit longer. Maybe, even been recurring. THAT would be wonderful. But, I never had the dream again. Or, maybe Mom could only visit me one time and that was it. Whatever it was, I feel blessed that it happened.

When I came across this story about a ghostly shadow, I could totally relate. The boy in the lake pier photo, is Michael. His dad, Jimmy, shared this very special story on a Facebook group that I belong to. The story is an eerie story of friendship and a boy who had a very special moment while going fishing.

This is the story his dad posted.

This (pic) is zoomed in.. this happened about a year ago. I took my son fishing in Michigan at my uncles place.. I was taking pictures in admiration of my 5 year old son’s dedication to fishing as we were about to head back home to Chicago.. I posted this pic on Facebook how proud I was of my son for his “never give up” attitude. My cousin pointed out the illumination around him.


No doubt it was the sun setting and the timing.. but there’s a little more. My sons best friend Jaxson has just passed away two weeks prior to this, and I showed him this picture and he said “oh yea dad, that’s just Jaxson, he was there fishing with me”... and to anybody who says photoshop, save it.. I’m lucky enough I know how to text... I just want to know your thoughts.. I don’t feel this is a haunting but more so a guardian angel type thing. His 8 year old friend was the neighborhood protector against all the bullies before he passed away.

Children often share stories of guardian angles or 'imaginary friends' with great detail. My granddaughter, from the age of two to four, told us she used to have a nice dad who was young. She told us he would visit her and keep her safe. Granted, she DOES have a vivid imagination. But, the way she described him, was like no one she knows. And, she said he was her dad BEFORE.

She doesn't really talk about him anymore. Why? I don't know. I still can't even figure out what it all meant anyway. Whatever it was, imagination, past life, guardian angel, or all three, it's just so cool to think about the possibility.

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