These are the kind of stories that social media was made for.

Last weekend I spotted a small grammatical error on the "cheeky" graffiti that was written on the toilet in Windsor Pizza Parlor's bathroom. It's the perfect kind of artwork, that makes anyone give a little chuckle when they walk into the room.

attachment-FRJY0NKXwAAsdM0 (2)

 The then/than mistake made it just that much funnier and I put out a tweet pointing out the error with just the slight correction.

This made me feel a little bad. Here Crystal had taken the time to decorate her work bathroom and then I came through and grammar nazi'ed the crap out of her, like I've never made a mistake like that before. Why do we do this? What sense of gratification do you get from pointing out the mistakes of others? I could hide behind the fact that I only posted it because I love bathroom humor but the truth is, I really love to point out mistakes in public grammar and spelling. It was amazing seeing a snide Twitter remark replied to with grace but Crystal did it. And then she even fixed it and sent along some proof.

They have great people and possibly even better pizza over at Windsor Pizza Parlor. Make sure you stop by and check out the bathroom.

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