Have you gained a few pounds recently? Don't worry, I have too. It's not our fault though, it's our job that is to blame. 

According to a survey conducted by Jenny Craig, more than 90% of Americans blame their job for some or all of their weight gain. The average American worker said that they have gained 12 pounds while working their desk job.

Why? Some of the main reasons  we gain weight at our jobs are:  Snacks at the desk, sitting all day long, going out for lunch, being too tired to exercise, and office birthday cake. Of course, stress also plays a roll in why people say they gain weight due to their jobs. According to the study:

In fact, 68 percent of office workers say the stress of their job has contributed to their weight gain, with 61 percent saying they tend to eat more unhealthy foods when they are stressed at work.

The study also found the top five ways Americans believe they could keep off their "work weight."

  1. Access to healthy, pre-made meals.
  2. Work-sponsored work-out activities.
  3. Have a more flexible work schedule.
  4. Ability to work remotely.
  5. Other desk options.

How do you feel about this? Do you believe that some or all of these factors have contributed to recent weight gain? If so, clearly, you're not alone!

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