I have, one again, stopped drinking coffee and recently switched to drinking green or herbal teas. In the mornings, The older I get, coffee seems to upset my stomach. And, when I say coffee, I mean coffee with a bunch of stuff in ti. Maybe that's why it upsets me stomach, but I can't drink coffee without it tasting more like a fancy hot chocolate.

Everyday now, I drink tea with caffeine to help me wake up. There are several kinds of teas to choose from at our local supermarket, drug store of coffee shop. I really have no trouble sleeping, just relaxing my mind so I can fall asleep, is my problem.

So, at night, I drink Sleepytime tea to help my mind stop racing.  AS I drink it, I get more and more relaxed. I get gradually more delightfully drowsy until I dose off into a great sleep.

The tea is Sleepytime Tea.

Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan

This tea literally relaxes her so much and shuts down her thoughts that getting to sleep isn't the issue, it's getting to bed before you pass out.

The wellness tea is made by Celestial Seasonings and you can get it at any grocery store.

I swear by this tea. Try it, you will nor be disappointed.

According to, here are some other teas to help you fall asleep

  1. Chamomile Tea
  2. Passionflower Tea
  3. Lemon Balm Tea
  4. Peppermint Tea
  5. Lavender Tea
  6. Valerian Root Tea
  7. Lemongrass Tea
  8. Decaf Green Tea

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