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Back when I was going to college at Indiana University, it was a tradition that everybody went to the Rooftop Rock Quarry to enjoy warn weather in the spring and summer. Even people outside of the students body knew about his secluded and amazing place to hand out with your friends. Friends of ours would come to IU to visit, just to spend the weekend hanging out at the quarry.

My college days spent in Bloomington, swimming and jumping of the cliffs at Rooftop, were the best ever. The iconic quarry scenes form the 1979 movie, Breaking Away, were shot at Rooftop. Everybody wanted to say they had been there and I was fortunate enough have spent many days in the sun, simian and jumping off the cliffs, with my friends. Sadly, I have no pics of my time there. We didn’t have cell phones and you sure weren’t bring a camera to the quarry. We had one goal and it wasn’t taking pictures.

Here is how it used to look. Absolutely gorgeous.

Iconic Indiana Rock Quarry Swimming Hole Is No More, This Is How It Used To Look


Take a look at the video of these pics in action.

But, all good things must come to an end, I guess. Rooftop Quarry cliffs and swimming hole wasn’t public property. None of us were really supposed to be there, but back then, no one told you you couldn’t. As Bloomington grew and housing expanded outward toward the quarry, things changed. A couple  years ago, because of injuries, neighbor complaints and feared liability, the Rooftop Quarry was two thirds of the way filled in by the rock quarry company that owns the land. Although I was sad when I heard the news, I understand the concern. Here is a closer look at the history, why it was filled in and how it looks now.

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