We’ve been married for just over a year now and I couldn’t be more in love with my husband now as I was when we first met.  We’ve learned to accept and respect each other’s likes and dislikes, even when it comes to my love for wine and his love for beer.

Of course, I used to drink beer during my years as a 20-something.   But, after having kids, I developed a taste for wine.  The sweet wines are what I used to prefer, but, now I enjoy a dry or semi-dry red wine. Mike loves a cold beer -the light varieties, and that’s what he’s been drinking ever since his 20-something years.

Today, when we go out to eat and the establishment doesn’t offer wine on its menu, do I settle for drinking a beer?  Nope! I usually just go without and order water!  And, it’s really okay.  Mike will usually get himself a cold beer & offers me a sip of his. Decline!

During our 3+ years of being with each other, we have visited many local and regional wineries & have attended local wine festivals here in the area. Love! Love! Love!  Even though I know he’s not a big fan of drinking wine, I really appreciate the fact that he’ll do that for me.

Now, if my husband asks me to go to this weekend’s “America on Tap” for tastings of craft beer, would I do it?  Of course!  It's my turn to let him enjoy what he likes and I can learn something about craft beers. Who knows?  Maybe I’ll enjoy one or two.  We'll see. So what’s your favorite?  Wine?  Beer?  Or both?

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