Often times, as I watch my favorite Monday TV show, WWE Raw, Hollywood stars come on the show to promote something.  WWE often works just like late night talk shows do, only in the case of Raw, they often are put into situations where they look very out of place.  This past Monday Night, Hugh Jackman was on Raw to promote his new movie "Real Steel."  In the process, he enlisted the help of WWE underdog, Zach Ryder to take out the brash Dolph Ziggler.  If you don't believe Dolph is brash, listen to my interview with him last spring.

In the heat of battle, Hugh took a shot at Ziggler (behind the ref's back of course).  You can see in this video, at the 1:10 mark that Jackman may not have been informed that punches should be pulled, and that Dolph's arrogance was just a character.  The end result, according to Ziggler's official Twitter account, was a hairline mandibular fracture of the jaw.  Some are claiming this part of the storyline, but I've watched a lot of wrestling at that was one HELL of a PUNCH!  I buy that the injury is legit.  Make your own judgements.

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