Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Jacks WWE Superstar’s Jaw
Often times, as I watch my favorite Monday TV show, WWE Raw, Hollywood stars come on the show to promote something.  WWE often works just like late night talk shows do, only in the case of Raw, they often are put into situations where they look very out of place.
Sexiest Celebrity Dads
Unlike most dads, celebrity dads are super sexy. That’s why they’re celebrities (and dads). You see how that works? You guys know where babies come from, right? Without further adieu, here’s the eye candy, just in time for Father’s Day.…
Leslie’s Favorite Athlete
"Who is your favorite athlete?" was the JON AND LESLIE WANT TO KNOW question on the WKDQ Facebood page this morning. Of course, I read it as favorite "HOT' athlete!! (Imagine THAT!!) After giving my answer of the 4 athletes I liked, I realized I needed to show you and explain the …