Are you a hugger, or do you know a hugger? You know, one of those people that has to hug everyone they know. Some people, me included, do not like to be touched and unwanted or unsolicited hugs can be a real problem because hugging is NOT a right. Most huggers will say, "well,that's just me.....I'm a hugger", like what they are doing is alright and the person being hugged should just suck it up and take it......WRONG!!

Unwanted hugging is inappropriate touching and could also be assault, especially if a hugger is warned not to do it.

I bring this up because of a story about a grocery store clerk named Fred Civis that was fired after 39 years on the job because of an unwanted hug. It all started when a customer filed a complaint with the store about Civis' erratic behavior on two separate occasions.

One incident involved the clerk being very angry while working the register one day and the other involved a hug he gave to a customer that felt the hug was inappropriate. Civis was fired and the outrage has begun against the woman who filed the complaint and her family.

The woman says she has received death threats....yes, death threats for getting Civis fired. Let's get one thing straight, the customer didn't get Civis fired...Civis got himself fired for his actions.

Store management had warned Civis about his behavior and made it clear that any further incidents could lead to his termination. Civis, for his part, appeared unwilling to change his behavior and practices, so when the latest complaint was filed, he was he should have been.

This is an issue that needs to be taken seriously because sometimes, people who hug have no idea how the person being hugged feels. I know several huggers personally who, when I talk to them about it, simply say it is no big deal and there is nothing wrong with a friendly hug. Well, guess what? Yes there is something wrong with it....very wrong if the other person does not want to be hugged. It IS inappropriate touching, pure and simple.

Nobody has the inherent right to hug another person unless that person has either given their permission, or has made it clear they have no problem with the hug. If not, DON'T DO could cost you and cost you big. Think about it. To read the entire Fred Civis story, click the AOL hyperlink below on the left.