Christmas will be here before you know it, so you might want to start planning on getting your child's letters to Santa sooner rather than later.

While Halloween hasn't even happened yet, parents all over are probably already starting to buy or at least think about buying Christmas gifts for their children. I know we have already done some Christmas shopping at our house. However, it's the presents from Santa Claus that the kiddos are always most excited about. The thing is, Santa might not know exactly what to bring them unless they give Ole St. Nick their Christmas Wish List.

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How to Drop Off Your Letter to Santa in Newburgh, Indiana

I know that in this day in age, it's somewhat uncommon to actually hand-write a letter. With all of this technology we have at our disposal, it's a lost art. Why take the time to write a letter when you can just text him or e-mail him? Well, Santa Claus is a jolly old soul..who doesn't have an e-mail address...and I can only assume that he's not one for texting. However, it does have a mailing address for you to pick up a pen and paper and write him a letter telling him what you want for Christmas!

Once again this year, your kiddos will be able to write a letter to Santa Claus and drop it off in Downtown Newburgh. Oh, and the cool thing is, they will receive a handwritten letter in return from Santa himself. According to Historic Newburgh:

Santa's Mailbox will be out in downtown Newburgh Saturday, 11/26/22 through Wednesday, 12/14/22. Children are welcome to place letters to Santa in the mailbox during this time and will receive a handwritten letter in return as long as the return address is included with the letter.
Checking his special list.

So now might be a good time for you to tell your kids to start getting their Christmas Wish List ready to mail off to Santa. It gives them plenty of time to think about what they'd like to get this year and to make a convincing argument to Santa as to why they have been good enough this year to get everything on their list!

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