Does your cat leave more litter around the house than they keep in the litter box? If your feline family member is like mine, every time they use their litter box, half of the litter gets flung out of the box and on to the floor, while the other half gets trapped in their paws. There's not a room in my house that I don't find a few grains of litter and some cat pooh in every time I clean up.

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Then the other day, my wife came home with this ingenious invention called a Cat Mat, that not only allows the cat to wipe it's feet after using the litter box, but it also collects the excess litter that usually gets trapped in my cats paws, keeper her from tracking it all over the house. The one we have is made of a soft, rubberized material that traps dirt and litter and brushes against paws to remove litter. It can also be placed under feeding bowls to catch spills.

The mats come in all different colors, patterns, and sizes, included an extra large mat for families with large or multiple animals.

So if you're tired of cleaning cat litter out of your couch cushions, blankets, and clothes, check out the wide range of cat litter mats on and find the one that right for your cat.

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