On the show this morning, we talked about the price of gas decreasing for the first time in 27 days. Granted it ONLY decreased by a penny on average, BUT it went down. Now, Jon has predicted that by Memorial Day, gas will be $5.04 a gallon.  CRAP!!!  I hope he's wrong!!

Poll Position asked 1,142 adults at what price per gallon they will start to change their behavior. Forty-nine percent said that four bucks is, in fact, the magic number. Thirteen percent said they would start to drive less at $4.50, and 21 percent cited five bucks. Ten percent said they will keep up the same amount of driving no matter how high the price of gas goes.

With some experts now predicting gas prices will hit five bucks by summer, it will be interesting to see how folks actually react if it does.

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