Indiana's highest point of elevation is a place that some probably haven't heard of before.

Indiana isn't one of those states that is full of massive mountains as you might find in several other states across the country. However, the Hoosier state is packed full of hills. We have seen plenty of hills throughout the state. Nothing too special about these hills overall. Except for one. There is one hill that is actually Indiana's highest point. While it might not be as big as the highest point in Tennessee or Colorado, it's our highest point, so we must embrace it.

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What is the Highest Point in Indiana?

While Indiana'a highest point is nowhere near as tall as Mt. Everest, the trek to get to the very top is much less challenging and dangerous. Located in Wayne County, near the Ohio border, you will find Indiana's highest point. Hoosier Hill sits among farm fields with little fanfare and no steep climb to arrive at the top. In fact,  you'd probably miss it if it weren't for some kind of sign telling you where it's at.

At the top of Hoosier Hill, you will find a picnic area with a bench, a fire pit, a sticker-covered mailbox filled with souvenir cards, a pen, and a visitor log. There is also a cairn marking the site, a bat house to control insects, and a donation box.


Hoosier Hill sits at 1,257 feet above sea level. You're not going to find any scenic overlook here, but the high point is tucked away in a small grove next to a field, but don’t be fooled, the area is rich in history. You can learn more in the video below.

Hoosier Hill is the 44th highest point in the United States. According to Animals A-Z, the location sees about 1,500 visitors a year from all over the world. Now, I have lived in Indiana my whole life and I have never heard of Hoosier Hill until now. Maybe I just don't do enough traveling, or perhaps, I am not alone in knowing about this location. What about you? Have you ever been or even heard of Hoosier Hill before? You can learn more about Hoosier Hill by clicking here.

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