I don't know whose idea it was to take the beans off a cacao tree and mix it with sugar to make chocolate but bless them. If they haven't been granted sainthood yet, they should be. In my opinion, chocolate is one of the best culinary inventions of all time. It just makes everything better. It's great by itself. It's great baked into brownies. It's great mixed in milk and coffee. There are very few if any, instances I can think of where chocolate doesn't make a situation better.

Personally, when given the choice, I'll take dark over milk chocolate, but I'm happy either way. It's just the best. Give me some chocolate and a jar of peanut butter, and you could get me to do pretty much anything.

When I heard about a new chocolate festival coming to central Indiana, my first thought was that heaven on Earth does exist. Or, it will anyway when the first (hopefully) annual Hoosier Chocolate Festival takes place Saturday, February 12th (2022) at the Bridgewater Country Club in Carmel, Indiana just north of Indianapolis.

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According to the event's official website, the event will feature live music, and of course, chocolate. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate. There will be chocolate baked goods, chocolate candy, chocolate milkshakes, even cocktails featuring the best sweet treat in the world as their star.

Tickets for the 21-an-over event range between $45 and $85 per person and are on sale now through the event's website. Each ticket level provides different levels of access and perks.

The Hoosier Chocolate Festival isn't the only one in the state taking place in February. There are several other festivals celebrating the deliciousness that is chocolate. Check out the complete list below.

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[Source: Hoosier Chocolate Festival]

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