You never know what you're gonna see when you look in the backyard. That was never more true than when a homeowner recently shared video of a surprising sight outside of their window. It was a deer and bunny just chilling together in the snow.

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I've done some investigative work that would impress both deer and bunnies, but have not been able to find exactly where this happened. It's not really a big deal, but I know that's one of the first questions I get asked when I find stuff like this.

This video was just shared on YouTube after going crazy on TikTok apparently.

Having spent a lot of my life living in rural areas, our family has seen our share of deer and rabbits, but rarely at the same time and never having a siesta together. Come to find out, it's not that unusual. There's a post on Pinterest that mentions many hunters have seen deer and rabbits hanging out from their viewpoint in their deer stands. That's not awkward at all. (*ahem*)

Now that I think about it, this could be Bambi and Thumper. The deer and rabbit connection from my childhood now in real life. Wonderful.

Deer Ridge Cabin in the Woods North of LaBelle, Missouri

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