More times than not, our Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society is a dog or a cat because the VHS has more of those animals than anything else. However, those aren't the only animals they have. The shelter has its fair share of rabbits looking for their new families too. One of which is this week's Pet of the Week. Meet Pattycake.

Pattycake's Story

Pattycake is a one-year-old male Dutch rabbit. This particular breed is not only one of the oldest breeds in the world, but it's also one of the smallest with full-grown adults topping out between four to five-and-a-half pounds. According to the VHS, Pattycake would make the perfect pet for first-time rabbit owners. In addition to his petite size, he is "even-tempered and less prone to aggression than other breeds," which are common traits of Dutch rabbits. Plus, he's "outgoing, curious, and loves pets on his noggin"

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His adoption fee is $50 and covers all the things every adoption fee at the VHS covers; his neutering, microchipping, and up-to-date vaccines. If you'd like to get a "hop" on the adoption process for Pattycake, or any of the animals the VHS offers that you might be interested in, you can fill out some of the paperwork in advance on the VHS website.

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