With the last few weekends of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari upon us for this season, the countdown now begins for a new season.  With that new season, we will see a brand new, record-breaking water ride, Mammoth, open.  It will break the record previously held by The Wildebeest in Splashin' Safari as the longest water ride.  It will also carry an amazing 6 riders on a circular raft, something new for a water coaster.  This big addition is just another reason Splashin' Safari was recently named the number one water park in the country.  Holiday World is giving you the chance to follow the construction of Mammoth from start to finish with their new online contsruction cam.  As they posted on the park's Facebook page earlier today, "Not a whole lot of activity yet, but if you've been wondering where Mammoth is going to go, take a look."

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