Right now, on WKDQ you have the chance to win a thousand dollars, twice each weekday in May.  With all this crazy money on the line, how does one grab themselves a piece of the green?  Well, there are no sure fire ways to guarantee a win, but I've compiled a couple ways to increase your chances.

1) Know the number!  Again, know the number! - This is the only contest we run that our normal hotline number WILL NOT WORK.  You must be the 25th caller at 1-877-854-WINS when you hear the cure to call!  If it's busy, keep trying, and don't call the studio line instead...it WILL NOT HELP YOU WIN.

2) Know what to listen for. - A lot of people have asked what the cue to call sounds like.  It's easy, because the cue to call tells you exactly when to call and what number to call, but just so you know for sure, listen to the actual cue to call below.

3) Know when to be listening. - Now, this one is easier said than done for most, but since you're a loyal WKDQ listener, we thought we'd help you out.  Click Here to go to a link where you can buy a list of call times with your Country Club Points!  Not a Country Club Member?  Sign up and earn your points now!  More of these lists will be up for purchase with points throughout the month, so keep checking back to vip.wkdq.com.  You're welcome!

4) Give up yet? - Sometimes it's hard to get through.  With thousands of people trying just as hard as you to win, luck just won't go your way.  No problem.  Just head to our Country Club site and register as many times as you want for our grand prize of $10,000, that we'll give away at the end of the month!   Click now to register.

I hope these tips will help.  Good luck winning cash twice a day in the month of May on WKDQ!

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