In our WKDQ Country Club, we give away some great prizes - one of the prizes this month is a cash card worth $250. We asked our listeners what they would do with a little bit of extra cash. We thought vacations, parties or shopping sprees would be the number one answer but we were surprised to learn that most of our listeners wouldn't blow the cash but spend it on essential items such as:

1. Groceries
2. College fund for kids
3. Air conditioning
4. Bill Payment
5. Work boots/Kids shoes

Some other interesting answers we found were:

My mom is living with stage 4 terminal bile duct cancer. I would love to take her to a spa for a makeover and then to get a portrait of her and her 4 grandkids and 1 great grandchild. So they will always have something to remember her by. -Brandy Hall

Hay for my horses... lol... gotta feed my babies. - Beth Bowland

My beautiful daughter Megan. She is a sweet perfect "SPECIAL" daughter. She's blind and loves music and books on tape. She is in need of some new entertainment! Holli D. Frye-Bame

What else would you spend $250 on?

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