Being a kid is undeniably tough, and the challenges escalate when a child finds themselves displaced from their home. However, amidst these hardships, Hillcrest Youth Services offers support to at-risk youths in the Evansville area.

In a recent conversation with Jim Ward, the CEO of Hillcrest Youth Services in Evansville, I gained insight into the crucial role Hillcrest has in the community. Hillcrest serves as a temporary emergency shelter for children undergoing tumultuous periods in their lives. Jim emphasized that some of these kids endure abuse and neglect, while others are left homeless due to their parents' incarceration. HIllcrest acts as emergency housing until a fitting foster home or a welcoming family member can be found. The shelter also accommodates runaways and those kids who, lacking supervision at home, find themselves entangled in troublesome situations.

Moreover, Hillcrest extends its impact through deferment programs. Jim explained that when a minor faces a first time offense for something like possession or theft, they can opt for a program at Hillcrest, resulting in dropped charges when it's completed. Hillcrest offers eleven programs tailored to support at-risk youth in the surrounding area.

Because they offer a residential program, mattresses and bedding are desperately needed. A recent post from the organization highlighted a shortage of bedding and mattresses, underscoring the importance of community support to sustain their mission.

Hillcrest Youth Services
Hillcrest Youth Services
PLEASE SHARE: Hillcrest is getting ready for a large expense coming up. We are replacing all the mattresses for 30 beds, getting all new mattress pads, sheets, and bedspreads. Trauma can cause kids (even teens) to experience enuresis so these items need replacing frequently and it is not cheap. Here is our PayPal link and the link to Amazon if you are able to help:

If you'd like to donate to Hillcrest, you can give via their website or pick items from their Amazon list.


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