October is here, which means you can officially turn your attention to Halloween, if you haven't already. In the grand scheme of holidays, Halloween ranks on the lower end of my list of favorite holidays, personally. Getting scared just for the sake of getting scared has never been my thing, and the older I get, the more I see trying to figure out a costume, get what I need to make it happen, then go through the process of putting it on, etc., etc. It's exhausting just typing it. I know, I sound like the Ebenezer Scrooge, but I'm good with it. Now, with all that said there is one part of Halloween that I do really love — the candy. I mean, that's the whole point of Halloween, right?

Candystore.com recently did some research to find out exactly what the top choices for Halloween candy are for each state based on sales. The results aren't terribly surprising as most of the top picks are wildly popular brands. Although there are a couple of crazies out there like Alabama, Michigan, and North Dakota who list Candy Corn as their top choice. Yuck! Meanwhile, when it comes time to pick up candy for their trick-or-treaters, the first thing people in Montana and Oklahoma go for is Dubble Bubble Gum because nothing says, "Happy Halloween kids!" like a chunk of gum with the consistency of a brick.

Those of us here in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois have far better taste when it comes to our favorites. Here are, in order, our first, second, and third choices when stroll down the candy aisle.

The Top 3 Halloween Candies in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois

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