The 2018 Evansville Job Fair is Thursday, January, 25th! If you need to update your old resume or just need to start one, here’s a list of pointers (and by pointers I mean things that you should NOT include).


v  Irrelevant job experience: If you’re applying for a more corporate position… leave out the job you had at 19 dressed as a mascot for an amusement park. That doesn’t give the employer any details about your ability to file folders or work the fax machine.

v  Achievements that really aren’t achievements: So fine, you were prom queen or maybe you won the hot dog eating contest last Fourth of July. Those are well and good, but they’re not “professional” skills. Maybe stick with things related to community-service and professional awards.

v Personal Information:  Refrain from placing too much personal information on your resume such as your social security number. Your resume may not always be in a secure location, don’t put down anything that could lead to identity theft.

v   Unprofessional contact information: If your email address looks similar to this: than you should definitely leave that out of your resume either delete it, or create a new one. A new email account is free and easy; however your email address shouldn’t indicate that you are.

v Strange Hobbies: Ok maybe you do have 12 cats and spend every free minute knitting sweater’s for all of them. Or maybe you dress up like a clown and tie balloon animals on the weekends. Being different is what makes the Earth go around but not your resume. It’s ok to add a hobby or two to your resume to highlight your personality, but make sure you keep it to the basics and less detailed things like; reading, hiking, or canoeing.

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