The City of Evansville is hosting an event to help come up with a new design for the city flag. The current flag is really just the city seal on a blue background usually, but a lot of people have become concerned that the flag doesn't quite represent what Evansville is really about.

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This is where the Evansville Flag Project comes in. According to the Evansvilleflag.Com website, in 2015, Jordan Baer began planning a city flag initiative, emphasizing the importance of having a symbol to unify the region, to bring everyone together and to represent our history, present, and future. Baer says he "felt Evansville was missing a link that unified the entire community while simultaneously paying homage to the city’s rich culture and history."

In an interview with WEHT, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke said “some of the ideas I’ve heard I would consider to be really great ideas. And others I would say less great ideas..(that won’t fly haha) Yeah that maybe won’t fly… But, I tell if you go out to the Evansvilleflag.Com website there’s a great Ted talk it’s 17 to 18 minutes very educational, highly entertaining and it does walk through what makes a good city flag and what doesn’t.”

So if you have a vision of what a new flag for the city of Evansville should look like, there will be a  public visioning session this Friday, February 28th at noon at the Central Library. Designs are due by April 24. Click here for more info.

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