Find the droids you ARE looking for, as well as some of your other favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise this Saturday!

If you're a Star Wars fan like I am, this four-hour event is a must attend. The day begins at 10am and will feature appearances by members of the 501st and Rebel Legions dressed as some of the films iconic characters, which as you can see in the picture below from last year's Blondes vs. Brunettes charity football game, aren't the kind of costumes you pick up at Wal-Mart on Halloween. They are definitely as real as costumes based on a fictional space war set thousands of years in the future can get.


Outside of the character appearances, "Star Wars Day at cMoe" will also feature gravity games, “space crafts,” and more!

Admission is $8.00 per person, and free for cMoe members.