A unique and unwanted visitor strutted its way into the Haubstadt Public Library on Thursday resulting in a call to the Gibson County Sheriff's Office and Haubstadt Police Department.

According to the Gibson County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, Deputy Brian Naas and HPD Officer Riley Farmer were called to the scene after a report that a chicken had somehow made its way into the library.

After a brief search, Deputy Naas located and appreHENded the suspect. Turns out, the feathery fugitive belonged to someone nearby and after a quick photo for social media, Deputy Naas and Officer Farmer returned the wayward bird to its home unharmed.

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How exactly it got out of its pen and why it went to the library of all places is an egg-cellent question. Unfortunately, we'll never know. The Sheriff's Office did share one theory in its Facebook post, perhaps it was looking for a copy of Chicken Little. Personally, I think this incident may have finally given us the answer to the age-old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" It was to expand his horizons and open his tiny chicken mind to a variety of all-new worlds through reading because reading is FUNdamental! More than likely what happened was he strutted his way down the road and the library door just happened to be open. But, I do like the thought of walking into a library to see a chicken sitting at a table with a tiny pair of reading glasses hanging on the tip of its beak, engrossed in a John Grisham legal thriller.

Gibson County Sheriff's Office
Gibson County Sheriff's Office

[Source: Gibson County Sheriff's Office on Facebook]

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