This is a unique opportunity to canoe or kayak down the Blue River during the full Harvest Moon and paddle by moonlight.

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Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Cave Country Canoes

Located in Milltown, Indiana sits a popular paddling destination, Cave Country Canoes.  Cave Country Canoes offers all kinds of outdoor adventures throughout the summertime.  Their season typically runs from April to October, so now is peak time to go and enjoy canoeing or kayaking down the Blue River.   Cave Country Canoes even hosts camping for the more dedicated paddlers.  They host special events throughout the year, and this one is unique as it gives you the opportunity to experience paddling by the moonlight.

Harvest Moon Paddle

Usually, when we think of paddling down the Blue River we think of summertime and canoeing or kayaking in the sunshine, but this event is a unique chance to experience paddling by moonlight because it takes place during the first full moon of fall, the Harvest Moon.


What makes the Harvest Moon unique this year as well, is its the final supermoon of 2023 so it will make for an extra bright night sky.  Here is what Cave Country Canoes have to say about the Harvest Moon Paddle:

Join us on the Millpond for a paddle as the night sky sparkles under the last full Supermoon of the year!

Trip times start at 5 pm and continue until 7 pm est. Please arrive 20 minutes before scheduled departure time to sign the waiver and then head down to the blue bridge over the Beautiful Blue River. You will then launch your boat on the ramp and paddle upstream for about 2 miles turn around, hang out on the river under the Harvest Moon and then paddle back to the ramp. After your trip, come hang out with us at Out of the Blue Coffee and Ice Cream shop for FLIGHT NIGHT. Try different types of flavored coffee with LIVE MUSIC by Tyler Hood, while sitting around campfires.

If you want to reserve your spot on the Harvest Moon Float you can do so through Cave Country Canoes website, here.

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