We love to do pranks here, and I mean the good clean pranks. No one getting hurt, no feelings hurt for a long period of time. Just good clean fun.

A week or two ago, my brother sent me this idea. It was a picture of the rock artist Slash taped on someones tires. Slashed Tires! It was the perfect thing. I knew just the target. Andy. The same Andy who ques up the Lionel Richie song, calls someone in the office, and when they pick up, they hear Lionel Richie sing Hello. Fun Stuff.

On a day that he was gone, I printed out the pictures of Slash. Giggled the whole time. Thursday, was the day of Slashing.


While I was doing my dirty deed I asked another co worker, Scott, to tell Andy about his tires. I walked in to see the tale end of his beautiful lie. If I would've thought in advance I would've waited in the garage to get the look on his face.

Sorry Andy!!!




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