Now I can honestly say I have seen it all. This is the most bizarre story I have ever heard and possibly the saddest. English make-up artist Jordan James became so infatuated with Kim Kardashian, that he just had to look like her....WTF!!!

This guy dropped more than $150,000 on plastic surgery procedures in his attempt to look like Kardashian. Who does something like this and what on EARTH would prompt anybody to do anything even remotely resembling this??

We have seen the stories of the women who have attempted to look like Barbie, but this takes the cake. First of all, of all the famous people through history that someone might want to look like.....KIM KARDASHIAN.....are you you have any concept of reality?

If you have listened to Leslie and I for any length of time, you know about my disdain for Kim Kardashian. I just don't get why she, or any member of her family for that matter are the stars that they's a sad statement about our society.

James obviously has his reasons for doing this that I'm sure none of us can even begin to understand, but it is what it is. I truly feel sorry for him...see for yourself below.


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