Another wildly entertaining Guns & Hoses is in the books with Team Hoses taking the win by winning 10 of the night's 15 fights giving them the coveted Guns & Hoses championship belt, and pushing the overall series record to seven wins for each team. If you weren't able to attend, or you did and the person in front of you stood up the whole time, or you were a little further away from the ring and couldn't see every punch land, a member of the Henderson Fire Department has you covered.

Guns & Hoses Fight Videos

In my opinion, this year's event featured some of the best fights I've seen at Guns & Hoses and I've attended nearly every one of them. It's clear the men and women who volunteer their time to step into the ring and literally take several punches all for the purpose of raising money for 911 Gives Hope take it seriously. They don't just start swinging wildly as soon as the bell rings. Each punch is calculated. They keep their guard up in an effort to minimize the damage they'll take as their opponent attempts to land punches. They keep their feet moving in order to gain position or dodge an incoming swing. It's a testament to the effort they put in during their many months of training ahead of the event itself.

Since Guns & Hoses 2 at Roberts Stadium in 2009, Billy Schwartz, a.k.a. "backdraft999" on YouTube, has filmed each and every fight at Guns & Hoses (with permission from 911 Gives Hope, of course) and posted it on his YouTube channel. This year was no different. By the following day, Billy had every fight posted, ready for anyone interested to watch.

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You can watch all 15 fights in the videos below. If you didn't attend this year's event, or have never been to Guns & Hoses because you just didn't quite understand what it was all about, hopefully, watching some, or all, of these fights, will get you excited enough to want to go next year when Guns & Hoses 15 rolls around in April.

NOTE: Since the fighters walk out to songs by established artists, the audio has been muted during each fighter's walk to the ring to avoid copyright infringement. The audio picks up at the fighter introductions.

Fight #1 - Bryce Manning vs. Chad "Donk" Emsweller

Fight #2 - Katie Schuck vs. Paige "MF" Jones

Fight #3 - Sam "Steel Hammer" Smith vs. Jake O'Nan

Fight #4 - Ash Meserve vs. Luke "The Nuke" Morrow

Fight #5 - Brandon Stone vs. Eric Jamison

Fight #6 - Matt Clark vs. Ryan Lux

Fight #7 - Stacy Shirley vs. Dawn Morand

Fight #8 - Nefty "Freakin' Rican" Padilla vs. Justin "Deadman" Whaley

Fight #9 - Jared Simmons vs Eric Baumgberger

Fight #10 - Ted Karges vs Shane "Big Sexy" Driskell

Fight #11 - Case Cummings vs Kase "The Krusher" Stolte

Fight #12 - Brandon "Pretty Boy" Willoughby vs Mike Smith

Fight #13 - Tyler Gunther vs Michael Goldman

Fight #14 - Ryan "The Tank" Conaway vs Dylan Basham

Fight #15 - Daniel "Rabbit" Fry vs Daniel "Mr November" Orange

Be sure to check out all the fights from previous Guns & Hoses events on Billy's YouTube channel.

[Source: backdraft999 on YouTube]

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