Every parent knows that before you get grandkids, you get grand-pets. So far, I have had a dog, a cat, a bird and now, the newest member of our family, a dog/cow named Mac. He is exactly what you would think a giant dog would be and so much more. It’s truly hilarious.

First of all, Mac grew up listening to me on the air. Yep, as a puppy with his mama, WKDQ would be playing I’m the background the whole day. So, every morning her herd my voice. When I first me him, during the beginning of the pandemic, it was through FaceTime. When he heard my voice, his ear perked up like he recognized me voice. He would do that confused dog face thing as he looked into the camera at me. I have to admit, I loved that just a little bit. Ok, I admit, I loved it a lot.

Mac, and my son and his girlfriend, have been living with us, in our garage, for a couple of months. What I’ve learned about Mac, since his arrival, is that he is rally just a big baby. Granted, he IS a puppy, but he’s a very dramatic puppy. He get’s very emotional when you don't give him your full attention. A deep and very sad moan comes from deep in his poor little soul. You might even get an eye roll as he looks away and the a deep breath.

He is a mess, but I love him! Mac’s just a big ole baby, yet, he’s the size of a small cow. At 6 moths old, he is already 70 lbs. and, just like most huge dogs, thinks he is a lap dog. Hidden;t know his own size. Even in regards to other, smaller dogs and puppies, he is just a gentle giant who has a really deep voice. THAT can be scary, Just ask the Boxer puppy he met at Legion Park, in Owensboro, last weekend. It’s all fun and games until Mac barks.

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