In life, the people that we meet impact our lives in ways that we sometimes don't understand until we are able to look back at our past. Suddenly, then, all becomes crystal clear. I believe God puts everyone in our lives for a reason. Thinking back, I can remember several moments when I was touched by the life of a stranger. Some of them became a huge part of my life and others only passed through for a moment. '

First of all, God gave me the most wonderful parents any one could ask for. I have learned how to be a person of integrity, honor and courage. My mother taught me to speak with intelligence and grace, my father with humor and fire. ;-) Both, are the reason I am where I am today.

God also gave me my ex-husband. I know, you're saying...WHAT???? My first husband gave me my three amazing children. Because of our marriage, there are three more extraordinary people on this earth. My children turned the dark to light, the selfish to empathetic and the panic to security. I will be forever humble and grateful for their presence in my life.

When I taught Drama, several hundred high school students briefly passed through my life. I knew each of them only short while but found their place in my story to be the thickest chapter. Each of them teaching me more about myself. My heart always love and never forget them.

God gave me some extremely horrible siruations to live through. All of which made me a stronger more giving, understanding person. They gave me faith and helped me to understand my need to live life to the fullest. Many people touched my life during each situation and I am grateful God put them there whether to hurt me or help me.

Today, with the rest of my life ahead of me, I know, without a doubt, that God gave me Quenton to forever hold my hand. Appraoching our first anniversary, I can tell you, it has NOT been easy. We have had to face many unpleasant things about ourselves, learn how to trust again, compromise our visions of how we THOUGHT life would be, REALLY listen to each other  and make a conscious decision not to hurt each other because sometimes it's easier to hurt the one love than to truly loving them. Withall the aruguments, the kisses, the silence and the laughs, God gave us the ultimate gift. Through each other, we learned to love another more than we do ourselves. When you feel that wayfor someone other than your children, you know it is real and true.

In Blake Shelton's video for God Gave Me You, he weaves together stories of just a perfect stranger can be God's angel to help you through whatever comes your way.  Some will make a brief appearence, others will always walk beside you.

Check out the official video here!!

Who did God give you? How did they come into your life? Are they still there? Or only a memory?

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