Normally in May we'd be kicking off another season of Otters baseball at Bosse Field, but this year is a bit different.  As you know we've been dealing wtih kind of a big situation, the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately for the time being it's put a bit of a halt on America's pastime.

May 14th would have been opening day for the Frontier League, and the Frontier League Commissioner, Bill Lee made a video where he said "due to the COVID-19 virus, we're obviously delayed, we want to play, but we don't know when that will be.  But when we do, we're going to make sure our stadiums are safe, and that all health regulations are met."  You can watch his full video, here.   So rest assured when they get the green light, the Evansville Otters and Bosse Field will be ready to go.

As you know Bosse field has been around for over a century, and while it's uncertain right now just when we'll get to watch baseball at Bosse Field again, rest assured that the stadium has stayed very busy receiving updates that we'll get to enjoy in the future. For instance a brand new video board with all LED display that will show the score, allow for video, and other exciting things.  The electrical system received an upgrade for the first time in 50 years, and all new LED lights to light up Bosse Field for those Summer night games.

You can watch a video tour of all of the upgrades that we'll (hopefully soon) be able to enjoy at Bosse Field. The video is below.  We'll be ready to cheer on our Evansville Otters as soon as we can! Go Otters!

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