Country newcomer Glen Templeton is going to be one of the performers at WKDQ's 'Taste of Country' concert September 10th at Ellis Park with Josh Turner, Josh Thompson and Steve Azar. It has been a tough path for Templeton growing up poor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to a Nashville recording deal. He says he had 10 or 11 jobs between graduating High School and moving to Nashville and being fired from all of them. He would usually show up at work in the morning after playing music all night which means the workday would usually fall apart pretty early. He had always loved country music and says he always felt it pulling on him no mater what the cost was at the time. Glen's big break came in 2008 when he was one of about 20,000 young men lining up for the chance to play the late Conway Twitty in a musical about the legend's life and music. Templeton was hand picked by Twitty's daughter, Joni for the role. Joni Twitty heard something in Glen's voice that reminded her of the qualities her father had. Glen says the biggest thrill of his career were the first performances of that show where he had the chance to walk in the shoes of one his musical heroes. These days Glen is playing his music all over the country and his current single, "I Could Be the One",  can be heard on WKDQ. The songs that best describe him are "God Bless Good Old Boys" and "Country Boys For Life". Glen Templeton is the real deal which is one reason he earned a reputaion in Nashville as one of the best singer - songwriters to play the shotgun bars and honkytonks in Nashville. Get your tickets now for Taste of Country September 10th at Ellis Park on our website at The below video is Glen singing one of his favorite Conway Twitty songs, "Goodbye Time" in Conway's voice. If you loved Conway, be ready for the hair on the back of your neck to stand up.