We are all feeling our "purse strings" tighten these days. I swear I get nervous walking into the grocery these days worrying about how much money we spend on essentials. Not to mention utility bills! This is even more of a struggle for folks with a fixed or low income. If you know someone in that boat, or if that person is you, I hope this helps relieve some stress.

Audubon Area Community Services LIHEAP Can Help

LIHEAP stands for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the goal of this program is to assist eligible households with utility bills associated with various fuel types such as Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Coal, Wood, and Fuel Oil.

Funding for this program is made possible through a collaboration with Community Action Kentucky and the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services as part of a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Qualifications to Recieve Assistance With Utility Bills

Enrollment for LIHEAP is open now through March 31st, 2024, or until the funds for the program are all accounted for. Folks are helped on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't wait to see if you are eligible.  This program can assist individuals and families up to and including 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It doesn't matter if you have gotten help in the past, you can still be eligible to receive assistance again.

How to Apply for Utility Bill Assistance in Western Kentucky

If you or someone you know is interested in applying, you can contact your local county Audubon Area Community Services office here.

Or call one of these helplines:

Daviess County – (270) 686-1662
Hancock County – (270) 927-6500
Henderson County – (270) 826-6071
McLean County – (270) 273-3355
Ohio County – (270) 775-6145
Union County – (270) 389-3742
Webster County – (270) 639-5635

Have the following information available.

  1. Proof of Social Security Number or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) for each member of the household.

  2. Proof of all household’s (all members) income from the preceding month.

  3. Most current electric bill, statement from your landlord if electric is included in your rent, statement from utility company if you participate in a Pre-Pay Electric Program.

  4. The account number and name on the account for main heating fuel sources and electric bill.


Applicants requesting assistance for natural gas or electric must bring a disconnect/past due notice (example: past due notice, termination notice, final notice, or utility arrearage payment plan balance). If your rent includes heat, you must bring a copy of your lease and eviction notice. Applicants who participate in a Pre-Pay Electric Program must bring a statement from the utility company that shows they have 10 days or less of pre-paid electric service.


It's also important to note that once approved for LIHEAP, the benefits are paid directly to the utility company.

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