We have been hearing a lot about sinkholes recently, especially in Florida. One such sinkhole swallowed an entire house while the owner was asleep in his bed...he was never found. There is a massive sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana that is literally dissolving the area into liquid muck and a mandatory evacuation order is in effect as the hole grows. The hole was discovered on August 3, 2012 and has since grown to 24 acres, wreaking havoc on the tiny swampy town and the 350 residents who live there causing the landscape to literally disappear into the water in a matter of seconds.

The below video shows one such event that was caught on tape yesterday evening. Watch an entire row of trees completely disappear in less than 30 seconds. This is really scary and keep in mind this hole is getting bigger and bigger and nobody knows how big it will get. See for yourself.


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